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Storm Of The Blades

Rely on your strength
Rely on your wits
Dare to fail and
You are no use to me
There won't be a time
There won't be a place
Where I never could
End your days

The hour of the battle
The storm of the blades
Choosing the legenda
The heroic names
Out from the shadows to fierce them all
To carry the signs of the warlord

Blood on your axe
Blood on your blade could be
Key to the life
You thought you won't see
Same to me if you will
Beg or if you'll cry
Fight for yourself
Or prepare die

Blood on my axe
Blood on my blade
Gods of war will remember my name
For the battle and heat
For the victory feast
This is the finest day

As your king
I demand you to fulfill this task
Show us you are worthy
And return with honour and pride
In your heart
If you should survive
You can come back and
Claim you reward
Bring us victory and I will make sure
That you will regain your freedom
Once again

"Third Age Of The Sun (2005)" Battlelore


La m?sica de Battlelore cuenta historias de un mundo antiguo y magico, de los h?roes y de las batallas gloriosas.


Las letras imitan la poes?a y el texto escrito por J.R.R.Tolkien en sus grandes leyendas de la Tierra Media.


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